This site was born from the passion for model railroading, which led me to design and build a helicoidal, which was easy and practical to assemble, and very stable for excellent train circulation.

The result is a structure on which the rails can also be fixed with nails, directly during the assembly of the same, making the operation extremely simple.

On Youtube, in the Heliramp channel, you will find videos of both the assembly and circulation of the convoys.
(So have fun)

I have added the FLEISCHMANN PROFI-GLEIS section, because in addition to having chosen it for the layout I am making, I consider it one of the most beautiful, of excellent quality and yield, among the tracks produced, but unfortunately no longer marketed.

The goal is to give the possibility to those who still appreciate it and want to use it for their model, to find and buy in an orderly way only what they need, or lack.

They are mostly used tracks, but there are also absolutely new ones with box, which are part of the heterogeneous lots that I buy for me, but which inevitably include tracks that I have in excess.

I select them and propose them in two categories:

1 ^ New and / or used but like new, with instructions and complete with all accessories with and without box.

2 ^ "B"used with traces of their assembly, but cleaned, delicately brushed to ensure excellent electrical contact, with instructions and accessories, but at an absolutely affordable price.